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Level 3 Briefing - Format & Planning

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The Level Three briefing only lasts between 3 & 4 minutes and so, it is very important to plan it well. Before you go into the exam preparation room, you should have a clear idea of the format of your briefing and what linking expressions you will use.

The exam instructions for the Polish Military’s L3 briefings follow a basic format, where you have a sentence or two giving a problem and then two proposed solutions are listed. Sometimes the extra option of “other” is given in case you can not think of an idea for one of the options and then you can use one of your own ideas.

Here is an example:

Whilst on a mission abroad, your unit has been asked to provide security assistance for a vaccination program being conducted in a remote area. Give a briefing to your CO on two possible options, describing their advantages and disadvantages. Recommend one and justify your choice.

Possible solutions:

  • Provide an armed escort for each medical team

  • Increase patrols in the area which can act as a QRF

Here is a basic plan for a generic briefing:


Option A

  • 2 Advantages

  • 2 Disadvantages

Option B

  • 2 Advantages

  • 2 Disadvantages


If you want to see a more detailed guide with an example please click on the video opposite:

When giving your briefing, it is important to look at all sides of the problem, and address any potential problems with the solutions you are considering. When you get to the end, you need to summarize the main points of both options before giving a strong and confident recommendation.

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