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Polish Special Forces - An Interview with Łukasz Sikora

Łukasz Sikora, a decorated former member of the Polish Military Commando Unit, a knight of the Order of the Military Cross, and a trained paramedic and instructor!

Łukasz Sikora received Poland's highest military medal in peacetime for his bravery in Iraq in 2004, where he was injured in an ambush.

Łukasz Sikora took part in multiple military operations and exercises all over the world during his military career.

Currently, Łukasz Sikora is the CEO of a medical training company WIR SOF MED CENTER.

Battleplan caught up with him and spent a morning chatting about his career, experiences and more.

Check out the YouTube video or podcast below to find out more.

There is also a PDF with a transcript of the interview.

Lukasz Sikora Interview Transcript
Download PDF • 560KB

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