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Battleplan Workbook

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The Battleplan Workbook is the ideal accompaniment to our L3 Coursebook

Written by Paulina Dalka & Jeremy Walters


12 Thematical Units

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The Workbook mirrors the layout of the Coursebook

All the topics and grammar from the Coursebook are practised and expanded upon.


Each unit is organised into 6 pages. Page one includes a 50-word vocab list, pages 2-4 are separate sub-units, each with its own grammar, vocab and listening exercises, and pages 5-6 are a long reading item (Task Two).

The grammar exercises are all based on the topic of the unit and give practical usage examples.

All exam tasks are tailored to a specific unit's topic and help expand

topic-related vocabulary.

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Download Sample Audio 

36 Audios


Each unit includes 3 specially made audio files, each representing a separate exam task.

As with the Coursebook, each unit focuses on a different topic. Included in the price of the workbook you get 3 short news items, one briefing and one interview for each unit. 

Sample Unit

Download Unit One 

Download Unit One of the Woorkbook, 

and take a look for yourself.

Battleplan Sample Unit 1.pdf
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