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Battleplan Coursebook

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The Battleplan Coursebook is a comprehensive

exam preparation book for Level 3 Stanag 6001

Written by Jeremy Walters 

Battleplan Contents Page 1

12 Thematical Units

Based on exam specifications

Through 12 units,  Battleplan covers all the topics necessary to prepare for Level 3.

"This is the only book tailored for students wishing to pass all parts of the Level 3 STANAG 6001 Exam in Poland."

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Jarosław Włodarczyk

"Engaging in terms of needs, goals, skills, and beliefs. It will tell you the things you don’t know. Great for the teacher and learner!"

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48 Exam Tasks

Every lesson concentrates

on a separate exam task


Whether you are preparing for the whole exam,

or just need to pass Writing, there is plenty of exam preparation material for you to practise with.

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Battleplan Audio Pictures

12 Audios


A specially created audio file for each unit with a Listening Exam Task

Each unit focuses on a different Listening Exam Task with 12 two-minute interviews and 4 military briefings

as well as 12 short news items.

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12 Videos


A specially created demonstration video for each unit with a Speaking Exam Task

Each unit focuses on a different Speaking Exam Task and a demonstration video has been created and is available on the Converse English YouTube Channel.

Sample Unit

Download Unit One 

Download Unit One of Battleplan and take a look for yourself.

Battleplan Sample Unit 1.pdf

Answer Key

To download the Answer key to the Battleplan Coursebook

please log into the Teachers' Corner members' group.

Answer Key

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1 free copy for every ten ordered.

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