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Level 3 Listening Task Two (Briefing)

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The second task in the Level 3 Listening exam is the 'military style' briefing. This is a monologue which lasts approximately 5 minutes and is perhaps more of a presentation than a brief as it does not follow the structure of a briefing that can be seen in the speaking exam.

Regardless of the name, the format is simple and candidates are expected to complete six sentences which roughly equate to six key sections of the talk. In the listening exam paper, there are six incomplete sentences. The sentences act as a guide as to which part of the talk is relevant for each question and follow a chronological order. As with all parts of the exam, the recording is played twice.

Please see the following example exam questions and listen to the sample briefing available for download by pressing the button below the questions.


You are going to listen to an officer giving a briefing. Complete the notes.

You will hear the briefing twice.

There will now be a pause of 40 seconds to allow you to look at the notes.

  1. The Ukraine war represented the first time the EU ...

  2. It would be a stupid idea for the EU to …

  3. EU leaders often compete instead of …

  4. Many parts of EU policy have …

  5. If the EEAS were restructured it would …

  6. High-profile decisions are mostly taken by the …

For the answers please copy the text below and paste it into a word document, enlarging it to read it.


  1. delivered weapons to a country under attack

  2. rely on ad hoc mobilisation

  3. operating as a coherent team

  4. become subject to majority voting

  5. streamline the complex institutional landscape

  6. European Council

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