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Level 3 Speaking : Discussions

The Second Task in the Level 3 Speaking Exam is the discussion. It actually forms part one of Task Two and lasts for up to 6 minutes.

In part 1 of task 2, the two candidates must discuss a topic together and decide how three subtopics influence the main topic.

Look at the sample exam task in the box and think how you would attempt this task.


There are many reasons why someone might join the military. Look at the list below.

Try to decide which of these possible reasons might have have a greater or lesser influence. Be ready to justify your choice.

Sense of adventure Financial Security Patriotism

The point of the exam is to demonstrate your active listening ability as well as your speaking skills and so you must listen to your partner and it must be a true interaction. Take a look at the video guide below and see a demonstration of the discussion.

How to organise your discussion!

  • Intro

  • Sub-topic A

    • Analysis and discussion

  • Sub-topic B

    • Analysis and discussion

  • Sub-topic C

    • Analysis and discussion

  • Summary

Exam Tip

Incorporate the task instructions into your own words and make them natural!

Following the discussion is Part 2 of Task Two. This lasts also for 6 minutes and involves three questions from the examiner. They can be directed at an individual candidate or they can be open discussion questions. Please see the example questions below. In an exam they will be on the same topic as the discussion question and form a natural extension of the discussion.


  1. Another factor affecting someone's decision to join the military is family tradition. How important do you think this is?

  2. More officers should be recruited strait from school without a need to study for a degree. Discuss.

  3. Should financial incentives be offered to women to encourage more of them to join the military?

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